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RIP Gordie “Mr. Hockey” Howe

I was more affected by Wayne Gretzky since The Great One’s scoring streaks happened during my adolescence through college years while Gordie was pretty much retired for the second time. However, Gordie’s legacy will always remain. His popularity and skill … Continue reading

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Getting better, early June report

Saw the doctor to review the steps I’ve made going forward and backward but overall I feel forward is winning. Does he agree? I think he’ll tell me next week when I have a follow up.

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Rest in Peace Cousin Jason

I only received the news last week over my cousin’s passing in April. I won’t go into the details of the hows or whys because they’re not relevant here. I want to honor him for the good times we had as … Continue reading

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For June, kind of a part two

ST:NG in their final TV incarnation of the primary crew wearing the nicer uniforms with the high collars.

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