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Happy belated birthday to me

Yeah yeah yeah, I have been rather absent from my own site but I was rather sick and uninspired through my illness…and in general. However, I got some stronger and better treatment in which I feel much, much stronger through. … Continue reading

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We own 24% of the house!

Getting closer every month!

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Thirteen years of marriage!

Hard to believe I made it this far! Well, not really. Somara is truly a great match for me after all the past girlfriends I had (very few) that could be into the geeky stuff I like. The beauty is, … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Christina!

Here’s to my friend who mastered speaking two additional languages in an English-speaking desert! Aka Central IL. She also taught me the Jedi Mind trick for job interviews, ask me someday. I managed to find a lion-themed card for against … Continue reading

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Belated July Header

Now is my favorite commanding officer…Sisko! He’s not my choice to be weird or contrary. To me Benjamin Sisko is the most human of the starship/starbase commanders. Unlike the others, he was married and he almost quit Starfleet because his wife … Continue reading

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