Fifteen years of marriage today

How I wish I were in Las Vegas right now. The heat doesn’t bother me as much. What should one expect anyway? It’s in the middle of the desert so there’s no point in whining over the weather/climate.

Anyway…Somara and I have made it pretty far but when we finally made it official, there was very little doubt between us things were going to be fine. In my generation (aka Generation X), it’s hard to find women who openly enjoy the same nerdy things as dudes. I kind of like that too. Means Somara is a diamond I found amongst a lot cubic zirconium ladies.

Plans? Nothing really this year. Work and health have been in the lead for our attention. We’ll still squeeze in a nice dinner, it just won’t be anything exciting to write about.

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One Response to Fifteen years of marriage today

  1. Lester says:

    Happy anniversary Mag.

    Fifteen years. Good on you two!

    And you’re going to be 50. Wow. I guess I was still picturing you from our GDW days. Yes I’ve seen your photos posing with celebrities, but I can’t say you look 50.

    Good luck with the allergies. I’ve gone back on Singulair to deal with two of our cats. Paired with loratadine. And chased with Benadryl on occasion.

    I posted the comment here because your Facebook page hasn’t seen much action, so I didn’t know if Messenger would catch your attention. No need to make this go live on your site, of course. Maybe I should have checked my email to see if I have your address. But that’s my head. Too late now. (Technically I could copy/paste/delete, but it’s the end of a long day and I’m head weary. So in another way technically it actually is too late.)

    Cheers, buddy.