Down but not out or alone

The first culprit on why the site was “dark” for another week can be blamed on the flu. Although I got a flu shot last Friday, I did ask the nurse, I’ve gotten sick despite being inoculated. The response was, well, if you do get the flu, it will be less severe. Humbug! I still became sick for several days with an upset stomach.

I did recuperate in time to see Somara off for her trip to Amsterdam and Doha with a couple stops in London via Heathrow. Her mother was nice enough to take her to the airport for us. I will be picking her up when she returns at the end of the month; note to self, get all the crap out of your car since Somara will have luggage.

Amsterdam: there she was her friends, the Derrs and our nephew Hunter. If you recall, the Derrs moved to the Netherlands last year and given how America has failed to slay the Confederate dragon, I envy their escape. The Dutch have a lower proportion of morons amongst their electorate. Hunter is attending university in a nearby city, a school that’s been around since 1675. Not bad for a non-legacy student. She leaves tomorrow morning though. I bet Ben and Penny were glad to see her along with Lana the dog.

Doha: this is where my brother-in-law Aaron and sister-in-law Anje live with the other two kids (Wyatt and Cannon). Somara will be there for a while. Anje already gave her the pointers on the Arab dress code for women. It’s not as nasty as the Kingdom yet Islam needs a Reformation of sorts to bring their religion closer to say the 19th century. I expect Somara to send more pictures because she hasn’t done much for the Netherlands.

Here comes the usual crap of “Oh I guess without Somara you’re going to starve.” She did leave me snacks and other things. Meanwhile, I still know how to read directions like I used to in the years before I ever met her. Hell, I taught my ex Carrie how to cook more when we were an item, namely the thrills of the oven’s broiler area. Do I miss her? A little, nothing to sweat, it’s her vacation. Why didn’t I go. My crappy health over the last two years ate into my time and I don’t know if I could stay calm in an airplane as long as it takes to go from Austin to London. My record for flying is under five hours continuously which was either Chicago-San Diego or Houston-New York City. It’s why I’ve blown numerous opportunities to couch surf in Japan, Hawaii and London. At least I have Amsterdam, Doha and Basel as possibilities.

The cats do miss her, primarily Kuroneko. The bossy, black alpha cat no longer sleeps on the bed, primarily near Somara’s pillow. Isis is fine. Nemo has quickly learned that I am the only caregiver so he does sleep on the bed near me for heat and comfort, he is 16 which is about 80 for a human.

Onward to this “short” week. I will be working the usual three days and the holiday, the latter is sweet thanks to time and a half pay. As per my tradition, I will not be working on Black Friday. I must make the usual rounds (Waterloo Records, Rogues Gallery), then my therapist (she’s a saint to work on this day) and wrap it up by starting my inappropriate cards at Pinballz. Taking a break or two to defend my #2 spot on Guardians of the Galaxy machine! Alamo Drafhouse gifts are now done online. Stars are on the road this year. No Wednesday or Friday game, but there will be Saturday and I hope to take the Colemans. Oh, I’ll be hanging out with them after my holiday shift as we enjoy the new MST3K episodes on Netflix!

Personally I hate Thanksgiving. It’s not a gratitude problem with me. I prefer to reflect on New Year’s Day. I just think it’s a goofy interruption and gift to the travel industry, probably the Cowboys and Lions too. Before high school, it was a tolerable long weekend at my grandmother’s house. Starting in high school and especially in college, it transformed into a stressful, non-stop bitchfest with my family and their selfish needs. I’m surprised the manager from my first ever min-wage job didn’t fire me for being unable to work Black Friday 1984; as crazy as it sounded when I returned, I would’ve preferred the chaos and opportunity to make 24-hours’ worth of pay over the usual, “here’s what’s wrong with you, your hair, etc., etc.” Nowadays as an adult it’s great. It’s a welcome four-day weekend and during the previous three, it’s laid back as everybody has the upcoming time off on their minds.

If you do travel. Be careful and safe. If you don’t, have a good time. I hope to catch some friends while they’re in from the People’s Republic of California!

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