One year with Jennifer!!

It all started with agreeing to meet each other at a bar in Round Rock. A bar? That does sound rather cliché. However, it was back in the bad-old Pandemic was ragin’ days so masks were required and needed…however, we’re talking about Round Rock which is in Williamson County, aka, GOP/Moron country.

We talked. We enjoyed our beers. We continued to communicate online. We went and did something social again the following weekend. Rinse. Lather. Repeat.

No celebration today though. Jennifer accidentally scheduled a long weekend in Padre to celebrate the beginning of Summer via Memorial Day.

It’s OK though. I’m working on a nice gift for her, cleaning up my house some more and I’m working on the holiday to pay off Agamemnon’s medical bill. Well, giving my life being all one income since August 2019, overtime hours are in my future for the unseen future!

On to another year! Hooray for us!

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