Happy 11th birthday Isis!

Today is the day I officially made Isis a part of my family in 2013 and declared it was her new birthday. Of course, she only had the working name of “Buttercup” until Isis was the declared the winner and before a group of terrorist assholes decided to use those letters as their English acronym. It messed up Archer too.

It was great to finally take this stray in after she had to fend for herself outside for a couple year. All the while, being the mother of three litters totally 11 kittens. AHS had no interest in her so I got to keep her and the little stinker filled the hole in my heart left by Molly.

I sure hope she does well with the two possible new cats who will join her and Agamemnon. The dry run at Jennifer’s place went badly. Isis hid under the couch the whole weekend but in her defense, the apartment has six cats. She endures Agamemnon by letting him eat first, a little wrestling, some grooming and when she grows tired of him, it’s quality time under my couch where he’s too fat to get under.

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