So painfully true, Dec ’21 version

Then comes the “not all Christians…” yes, yes, just as not all Muslims are humorless types who lose their collective shit over any depiction of Muhammed, etc. However, Christianity, especially the Calvinist branch, needs to do something about the KKKristians making their message of peace, unity, compassion, acceptance and forgiveness look like a sick joke. Personally, these disgusting knuckle-draggers should make their own religion which lets them worship a force as angry and as ignorant as many willfully are. I’m confident Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club will install little chapels to it.

But then comes the, “You’re not going to win any elections insulting these people!” Dude, these KKKristians are a lost cause and can never be appeased. They don’t know what they really want and in general, what they do want currently isn’t going to happen; good-paying jobs that only require a high school education via mediocre grades while allowing them to own a nice house with just White neighbors. Plus they have enough left over for a boat or a pair of jet skis. Coal mining is literally a dying profession unless they want to move to China or India. Carbon-heavy energy is also on the outs and what’s the point of an economy if everybody is dead. As comedian JT Habersaat said during one of his sets, “It’s you assholes who need to pivot, not us.” Yup, I have little sympathy for them too. These are the same shitbirds who called me a faggot in school because I got good grades and I wasn’t an über athlete like them.

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