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Welcome Leila!

Our friends/co-workers Tracy and Dave are now the proud parents a baby girl named Leila, born on 9/22. You can see the mother and daughter here! We hope to see the little lady at work in the very near future.

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May this never happen to Waterloo Records

Last Friday I was at Waterloo Records to pick up the latest They Might be Giants, Gus Gus and Mika. Always a great time, especially when I run into friends and the helpful staff. Unfortunately, the number of independent stores … Continue reading

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Austin’s first (pre-season) AHL goal

Our new team, the Austin Stars, calling them the Texas Stars is stupid because Houston and San Antonio are also in our state. Besides, the New York Giants and Jets play in New Jersey and they’re not named after another … Continue reading

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Chickenfoot in San Antonio

Phew! This show was a last-minute invitation on Sunday (the 20th, 2009) from my friend/co-worker Jeff. Who was I to pass up the opportunity to see Van Halen version 3.5 or maybe Van Hagar version 2. I didn’t care because … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Somara

Hooray it’s her birthday today. On the downside, we have to go to work. But after we’re done, I think we’re going to dinner at a place of her choice…Texas Land & Cattle. This birthday is very special because we’re … Continue reading

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The Great One quits the ‘Yotes

I think it was inevitable, even if the team weren’t on the financial skids. The Tocchet debacle was more damaging than the Coyotes failing to be in the playoffs every Spring. His tenure wasn’t great but I do hope he … Continue reading

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The camera does add five pounds

The UK’s Guardian does another funny series of pictures showing the contrast between food advertisements and the reality when you purchase said products. You may get an additional chuckle at one of them if you notice the brand name because … Continue reading

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Chucks Solution!

“How many pairs of Converse (Chucks) do you have?!?!” is a frequent question I am asked at work, online, Starbucks, parties, etc. Currently, the answer is 49. Thanks to the Converse store at the outlet mall in Round Rock, it … Continue reading

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I have a flavor suggestion…

…Potion of Social Invisibility! Click here to see what I’m making a dig at. Pretty expensive stuff from even the Jones Soda people. Practically borders on Cafe Press’s gouging prices for six bottles of sugar water. On the other hand, … Continue reading

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RIP Yoshito Usui

My co-workers Tomoko and Ayako had told me the bad news since last week. Originally, Mr. Usui was reported missing after not returning from his recent hike. Yesterday they found his corpse as per this news story. Most Americans don’t … Continue reading

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