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RIP Uncle Chief

I was juggling other entries on top of everything else I was trying to do today and before I go to sleep I wanted to at least end my day with this sad announcement. Today was my nephew’s birthday so … Continue reading

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Week Eight of NHL 2005-6

With or without Forsberg, I have concluded that my Flyers have a split personality. The big question is, which team shows up at the games now. The Lightning and Islanders beat them because they wanted it more yet I doubt … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Nick!

Today is my nephew Nick’s seventh birthday! Unfortunately he had to go to school and Christmas is around the corner so I’m sure he usually gets stiffed on the presents. You know, people give him one gift and say it … Continue reading

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Greg the Bunny on IFC

I am really trying cut down on the amount of TV I watch, but when you have some more interesting channels filled with informational shows like Mythbusters and truly humorous ones like Cheap Seats, it’s hard. However, now and then, … Continue reading

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Star Wars: Battle Front

Yes, yes, yes, this game was hot last year but it was finally released for the Mac and I have played it enough times (on Mac and PS2) to write a review to my satisfaction. Personally, I hate first-person shooter … Continue reading

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The Simpsons: One Step Beyond Forever

While us Simpsons fans are waiting and anticipating the release of the Seventh Season on DVD, the latest guide book on the 13th and 14th seasons came out before Halloween. I’ve been reading it off and on so that’s why … Continue reading

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Babies, babies, babies

Still waiting on a picture but last week, my in-laws Aaron and Anje (pronounced like Angie) had their third child last Sunday (November 13). Another boy (which isn’t a bad thing in my opinion) so Hunter and Wyatt have a … Continue reading

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Week Seven of NHL 2005-6

Last week was the beginning of the Flyers’ 3-game losing skid since they were handed two more overtime defeats from Pittsburgh (didn’t get to see thanks to the snit between OLN and Dish) and Atlanta (which I did see at … Continue reading

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For me, this restaurant is one of the places that says “Austin” should I have to describe it. I have lived in a handful of other cities and this place is rather unique. So either Threadgill’s is unique or else … Continue reading

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David Chelsea in Love

It seems that my Books section is going to stretch the definition of “book” to include graphic novels through this review of David Chelsea in Love. David’s story is too good to ignore, especially when I stumbled upon a copy … Continue reading

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Underground (VW)

When I started this fifth version of Picayune, I had a section dedicated to the cool things to find in Austin and what sets this city apart from many others. Course I let this languish and sit around (much like … Continue reading

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Week Six of NHL 2005-6

Sadly, the Flyers’ winning streak came to a slamming halt Monday night against the Cup-winning Lightning. Blech! They were pretty much down most of the game after losing their 2-0 lead early on. The Penalty Killing is still disastrous and … Continue reading

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Dwight Yoakam rocks Austin

Saturday night I had the great fortune to see Dwight Yoakam play a sold-out show at Stubb’s. Thanks to my membership with Ecology Action of Austin, I attended for free on what would’ve been a $32.50 ticket. Picture courtesy of … Continue reading

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More Texas hockey

Dejected over Tulane being closed until next semester, I still went over to the rink to see if UT had a different opponent lined up for last night. Nope, but there was high-school level hockey that night! Woo hoo! Three … Continue reading

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The HEB opening!

Last night we went to the little shebang for Somara’s new HEB Plus in Round Rock. I should’ve starved up more, I was so overstuffed with the free samples of food they offered. I also couldn’t drink all the free … Continue reading

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