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On this day in (hockey) history…

Two years ago, Somara and I drove up to Dallas to see the Flyers play. It was a pretty enjoyable game. The Flyers got off to a strong start of 2-0 thanks to two goals from Mike Comrie (now playing … Continue reading

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Rescue, Reference & Reminiscing

Well, I dragged my butt too long and now I’m backlogged with three (relatively) new books for D&D from WoTC and Paizo. Where are the others? Good question. It appears that the other publishers have really petered out lately. I … Continue reading

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Christmas 2005 Rocked

Christmas 2005 was a mild little affair at Chez Maggi this year. After being put on medical leave for two weeks due to throat issues on 2004, everything was looking up. However, this year hit past the mark to exceed … Continue reading

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Week 12 of NHL 2005-6

The Flyers continue to move forward through the injuries! We’re also in first place in the Atlantic Division! Last night, the shootout victory over the Florida Panthers was tense. Firstly, the Panthers aren’t going anywhere this season, the Southleast will … Continue reading

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Mission Hill

Last week, season seven of The Simpsons appeared on DVD. Besides it being the season which started with the conclusion of who shot Mr. Burns, it is also the season Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein took over David Mirkin’s position … Continue reading

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Week 11 of NHL 2005-6

This week Team USA was announced. I’m excited about all the different players going to represent the US in Italy next year yet I can’t hide my disappoinment over Jeremy Roenick being left out. Not as in snubbed, just not … Continue reading

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One Hundredth Posting

Sorry about the delays in any further news on my site. I was hesitating on what I wanted to post for my 100th entry but then Somara contracting the flu and passing it on to me took care of that. … Continue reading

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Afternoon with Santa

Attention to all my friends with small children! I went by Santa’s post-Christmas Winter Home in Austin since I’m his primary housesitter and cat care taker (yes, he has more than reindeer). Here’s my photographic proof to give the kids … Continue reading

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War of the Worlds (2005)

I had a more in-depth review of this rental, but thanks to GoLive taking a dump during the spell checking before I could save this, I have to go with a more succinct posting (that might be for the better … Continue reading

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Week Ten of NHL 2005-6

The schizo Flyers continue. They beat the leading team of the Northwest Division, the Calgary Flames (a rather tense 0-0 game decided by a shootout), then lose to the Edmonton Oilers who will need a miracle to make the playoffs … Continue reading

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Ice Storm 2005, kind of

It was more like frozen drizzle but it still yields the same result in Central Texas, frozen roads and bridges followed by people wrecking their cars everywhere. It’s also a chance to rejoice and get the rare Snow Day! No … Continue reading

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Week Nine of NHL 2005-6

Well, the Boston-San Jose trade invovling Joe Thornton was quite a shocker but in others wasn’t. Both teams are struggling and something had to give, I just didn’t think the Bruins would give up their star player (I’m drawing a … Continue reading

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Collection passes 1900

Recently, my CD collection cracked the 1900 mark. I know that’s note terribly eventful but in light of how awful last week was (Uncle Chief’s death, work dragged on and was filled with disappointment, so on), this is good news. … Continue reading

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