Picayune hosting issues resolved

For those of you who have been visiting my site over the last several weeks had noticed that its performance in your browser was rather sluggish. I hadn’t given it much thought because the site is hosted on a Mac Mini connected directly to my DSL router/hub. For how much I pay and where I live, I can only get ADSL with an uplink speed of 384Kbps (in English, it’s not terribly fast compared to my CapMac site hosted on at least a T1). 
However, the stream’s performance was annoying me in how often iTunes would drop the connection. Normally the connection would drop off after two to three days. Usually I reconnect it in the morning in order to keep it running for the convenience of Somara who doesn’t really care to know how it exactly works. When I finally got around to updating the content of KMAG, I noticed that it was really pokey in Timbuktu (remote control) and the Server Admin (turns parts of the server software on and off) were also bogged down. Then I finally realized that I had left the mail service running and my analysis of rogue smtp (sending mail) processes appearing in my Activity Monitor confirmed this. I also dug through the SMTP log to discover some jerks relaying off it (this is how you get all those annoying spam messages about pyramid schemes, porn and cheap Viagra). I had totally forgotten that I had left mail running like a complete moron. Once mail was off and I started killing every instance of smtp, the Mac Mini is barely using more than 40% of its processor capability. 
I apologize for the nuisance. I also want to seriously apologize for anybody who may have received spam indirectly from me, thanks to my absent-mindedness.

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One Response to Picayune hosting issues resolved

  1. Mark B says:

    So YOUR’E the reason I got 3 spams asking 1) If I wanted a larger penis, 2) If I wanted larger breasts, 3) If I wanted to become an ordained minister. Talk about not knowing your customer base. I don’t even want to begin to talk about how wrong those 3 emails were… 😉