Is there a “The” or not in the band’s official name?

I’m nearing about a month of owning my iPad and I really love it as a magazine solution, maybe the term should be periodical solution. Mental Floss is one of the best deals for it. I think they understood how to get it to tie in with the Web effectively too.

This evening, my concert buddy Mark is seeing the Dandy Warhols at La Zona Rosa. Great venue, when the ticket prices are reasonable. Someone at Mental Floss must’ve been thinking of us through their quiz because I wonder if the word “the” is officially in the band’s name too. As for the 11 the author asked, I scored a nine! One did have it and another didn’t. You have to really think these over or do what I did, try to remember what their album covers show. Going to won’t help. Just as record stores do, musical acts are alphabetized sans “the” and numbers follow their English spellings (22-20s are filed under T, Tw or Twe).

Let me know via a Comment the results of your attempts. I bet Mark could beat my 9 out of 11.

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