Southern Culture on the Skids 2011

SCOTS ’11: (from left to right) Tim, Rick, Dave, Uncle Roy and Mary

It’s officially Spring in Austin! The annual Vintage Auto Show wrapped up last night with some of the finest, loudest, smelliest (the fumes!) and scariest old-timey cars from around the state. I’m talking about cars I thought could exist as Hot Wheels but my friend Jeremy, who came along, said some are modified by this slang term…rat rodded, probably in honor of Big Daddy Roth.

To celebrate the gathering for five big nights was Southern Culture on the Skids at the Continental Club. A perfect match since they have several well-loved car-driven songs: “’69 El Camino,” “Voodoo Cadillac,” and “My House Has Wheels.” The show I made was also the last in the quintet of appearances. As always, I brought banana pudding which the band then passes out to the crowd during their hit of the same name, minus the ‘g.’

Due to all the traffic on South Congress, Jeremy and I arrived too late…the show was sold out. I was rather bummed. It didn’t really sour my mood, I was more relieved that I didn’t wreck the Fit in the stop ‘n go traffic caused by the hot rodders; for some reason my left leg twitched uncontrollably on the clutch pad. Good thing Jeremy can drive stick too.  Anyway, I wasn’t worried. I figured we’d get in as people left after the opener completed their set yet I didn’t want the pudding to become uncomfortably warm. So I put in a call to Lynn (Dave’s girlfriend) whose business card I always kept in my wallet. She took the food and got in a good word; it worked! This resulted in the staff receiving larger tips to compensate for being moved to the guest list. I bought a round for Lynn too, it’s the least I could do; I’m working on a nice present to send when the gang return to Chapel Hill.

One of several go-go dancers accompanying SCOTS. Definitely makes this at least a PG-13 concert.

SCOTS was awesome as expected. They are currently touring to promote their first new record in a long time…Kudzu Ranch which is all killer no filler, I have been playing it in its entirety on the Fit’s iPod often. My personal favorite is “My Neighbor Burns Trash.” I know my doctor will love it, they cover Neil Young’s “Are You Ready for the Country” and there’s a mash up of Nirvana/Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd. With the new album, the set had the new stuff sprinkled in with the crowd pleasers: “Bad Boys,” “Highlife,” “Pick Pickin’,” and “Busy Road.” No luck on that setlist Web site having a break down like I found for DeVO. The pudding was a hit too. I didn’t manage to grab pictures since the Dirt Track Date Dancer took it around to the back of the crowd. She thanked me for providing enough spoons which cuts down on people trying lick it off her fingers.

Until I catch them next year (or sooner)! Check out the latest record, I completely endorse this one. If you don’t like it, I will reimburse you. It’s also a great introduction album should you not be familiar with Southern Culture on the Skids.

I had to get my picture taken with this cocktail waitress! She's wearing a special outfit for the show which I loved. Afterwards, I suddenly had a craving for eating at Steak n' Shake, Crystal and Checkers.

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