What better way to celebrate the month of May!

Sadly Alamo isn’t doing a Summer of 1983. Not sure why and I won’t press. I may have to come up with my own…right after I watch Blade Runner to conclude 1982, I’ll pretend it’s the 30th anniversary of catching it on cable. New Zealand doesn’t have that many well-known acts to make another montage.

Thus, why not go with Brian May. He is the lead guitarist of Queen and has a PhD in astrophysics/astronomy! What could kick ass more? If you listen to the track “39” from A Night at the Opera, it’s a great demonstration of Rock meets Science since Relativity is a key element to the song. Listen to the lyrics. I promise, your head won’t hurt.

Brian’s distinctive sound has influenced many guitar players and you can hear it with bands like Muse and early OK Go. Tell me others should they come to mind. I’m posting this in a hurry.

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