Stars sink the Admirals, Barons jump the Checkers

Friday night was a bit tense as our Stars finished off Milwaukee to advance to the next round. Two things come to mind regarding the outcome. Firstly, it was revenge for the last time my Stars went to the playoffs (two years ago) because it was the Admirals who eliminated them. I wasn’t terribly invested in the outcome due to the Stars not having much left in the tank, Houston knocked the Admirals afterwards. Secondly, it was the battle between my former home city against my current (and probably true) one. I don’t bear Milwaukee any ill will. The older city’s major drawback is its terrible winters.

The Barons upset the higher ranked Checkers. They were closely ranked so I guess it wasn’t unexpected. Now we face them and I’m confident we’ll send the Okies packing on way to the Calder Cup.

Sadly, the Aeros were defeated, thus ending 19 seasons of IHL/AHL hockey for the city of Houston. I do hope they get a new team soon. I’m guessing it will require a new venue due to the Rockets’ management being a big factor in the relocation to the booming city of Des Moines.

Go Stars!

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