Meet Balder the Brave (kitten)

We knew Princess had kittens a few weeks ago because her bulge disappeared and there are signs of nursing around her abdominal areas. How many…not sure. Cats can handle up to six at a time with their physiology. Given Princess’ past history I’m going with four. The neighbors may have wised up by locking Princess up, forcing her to give birth in their shed/chicken coop, thus they don’t or can’t wander far.

Eventually this will fail. Kittens grow rapidly, cats are natural escape artists and their innate curiosity can’t be suppressed.

Case in point, Somara heard desperate mewing outside the window and I found Balder! He is the feistiest child of Princess ever as he greeted me with hissing. I gained his trust quickly by calming him down.

I hope to see Balder again soon and name his siblings. Big sister Neffie likes him which is demonstrated by her not attacking him on sight.

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