Greetings from Aggieland

Things are a little slow on the site because we’re hanging out at my brother-in-law’s place in Agglieland (aka College Station, TX). It’s an OK place, rather similar to most college towns. Houston is the closest city but it isn’t very close, about 100 miles to the southeast. The main thing is hanging out, playing games and joking with the kids. All my old material is new to them!

I definitely have a list of questions for my friend Lester regarding his card game Invasion of the Saucer People. I want to make sure we’re following the rules correctly since the Solar System didn’t fare well in our three games: one stalemate (two planets lost), one loss (three planets lost) and one extinction of humanity (all four planets conquered).

Next up, teaching them Basic D&D which will also prove to Somara, I still got it contrary to some other players I had a falling out with.

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