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Mr. Peabody & Sherman: Rental at Best

Compared to how poorly Jay Ward’s previous properties have fared, Peabody is a success over Dudley Do-Right, Boris & Natasha and The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle. I almost forgot George of the Jungle which was way better than Peabody. Still this Dreamworks dreck is yet another … Continue reading

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Holy fire hazard! Batman is now 75

The Caped Crusader, the Dark Knight, the greatest fictional detective since Sherlock Holmes…made his debut on this day in Detective Comics #27. If four terrible movies made by Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher couldn’t kill him, I think my favorite non-powered … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Travis Morin and my Stars!

My team was the first to cinch a spot in this season’s playoffs! I think we will be raising another banner next fall for at least earning a divisional championship again. Bringing home the Calder Cup remains the goal. What … Continue reading

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RIP Oderus Ungerus & Lorenzo Semple Jr.

Sad week regarding a couple odd creators. First was the news of GWAR’s lead singer being found dead earlier. Haven’t heard any follow up about the foul play suspicion. Oderus nee Dave Brockie gave me many years of laughter and … Continue reading

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Pardon this month’s virtual dust

I’ve been enduring the server going offline intermittently for the last couple months. Not sure what the exact cause is but it’s driving me bonkers. Currently the Picayune is being hosted on another Mac Mini I received permission to borrow from … Continue reading

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Just for you Helen from the Big Dummy!

My Redd Foxx/Fred Sanford shirt was finally pulled out of a storage bin in the living room! I bought this from a TV-driven Web store because it had the Star Wars tee I wanted for my co-worker Kathy and as expected, something Cheers related … Continue reading

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Running Milestone 1700 achieved!

I crossed yet another distance barrier this morning. Putting me closer and closer to 2000 and Apple HQ, which I hope to reach by my 15th anniversary. Meanwhile, I have been maintaining my two miles/day average since last Saturday, drawing … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday E! As in Ethan, not the network

It’s not too late to wish my first ’98 friend in Austin a happy birthday plus this is valid for an additional two hours thanks to him living on the West Coast! I’m hoping the girls will have made him … Continue reading

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The people the sign as “aimed” at are why a group of gamers or hippies are known as a stink. The difference being, the gamers don’t try to cover it up with pachouli. At least gamers fall under definition #10 … Continue reading

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Still got it with Legos!

My OCD and Creative Itch had to be scratched last week when I walked by the Lego Store. I blame not getting to finish the spaceship I was trying to build when we went to the Lego Movie a couple weekends earlier. … Continue reading

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Simpson Shoes III

This pair featuring America’s longest-running animated family was acquired last Summer but I never got around to lacing them up. Judging from the background, I didn’t photograph them neither. I love how they put the characters on the rubber part … Continue reading

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Hopefully this will get a sequel like the movie

Somebody (or somebodies) made Lego versions of bands mostly from the Nineties. The article says they’re my favorites. Ummm, maybe one. The rest I’m OK with and several I would rather stab my ears with knitting needles before enduring their … Continue reading

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Gary Numan

I didn’t have my picture taken with Gary because I wanted to be polite to the other autograph seekers at Waterloo Records. Being first in line (for once), I felt obligated to not be that asshole who gobbled up his brief window … Continue reading

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Ditching Amazon Prime

It’s not over the price increase which is really nothing compared to how much of a rip off Cable/Satellite have become…$100/month to watch 20 minutes of commercials an hour and channels that push crap reality shows as “entertainment.” Anyway, we’re … Continue reading

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Lego fitness club

The Austin Lego Store is displaying a fitness club or gym created from scratch by a local user group It’s pretty impressive. There’s a rock-climbing wall, a pool, tennis court, common exercise gear and the best touch is on the … Continue reading

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