Moxie having a faerie jam

moxietoysA lovely thank-you photo from Moxie via her mom Kate. Two weekends ago we all caught up, had pizza and scored a belated Christmas present while I gave Kate a pair of shirts I had been holding on to for a while (pictures are due I’ve been promised). Moxie digs the Fairy line by Playmobil but Kate says Power Rangers and other “boy” toy lines are well liked. That’s awesome. Having grown up with a Barbie jet for my GI Joes, I too don’t buy into the gender role crap with toys.

Who can say no to Moxie’s smile anyway?

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One Response to Moxie having a faerie jam

  1. Kate says:

    Moxie said; “Why do I always have to be cute?”

    She’s been taking the horses to bed with her every night, and sets up a little guard station for them. Thanks again, Steve!