OMD in Austin

Last Friday I went to the sold-out OMD concert at Emo’s, a venue I need to work into my life more often. Initially I went because the tickets were a late Christmas present for frequent concert buddy Mark M. Me? I knew most of OMD’s later stuff (Crush and on) and whatever is on their greatest hits compilation circa 1987. As the show progressed though, Andrew and Paul (the founding, main members) made me a fan. These guys sang and played their hearts out with such conviction. They didn’t phone it in which is a common occurrence since Generation X’s music is now in the “middle aged” bracket, making it susceptible to showcases. The biggest surprise was OMD doing their biggest hit, “If You Leave” in the middle of the set, it’s also the only song I know all the words to; ah, the memories of seeing Pretty in Pink in Bismarck on opening weekend thanks to my dad going through all the trouble that Spring (or what passed for it there) weekend.

Their current tour is winding down, so if you didn’t catch them, your loss. Thank you to whoever posted the setlist.

Meanwhile, I propose to you my friends and relatives, give OMD some reconsideration.

The singer’s really cool LED-embedded cape.

Opening for OMD was GGOOLLDD (pronounced ‘gold’) who were thrilled to finally play Austin normally and not as part of a SXSW appearance. I liked them. Picked up two of their full-length CDs to go with my new OMD shirt.

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  1. Mark M says:

    Thank you, Steve!