Thanks for the wishes and all, mellow day

Took it mostly easy yesterday. Had to get up relatively early to have some finishing touches done to my new car, goop they put on the windshield to protect it from all the damned rocks and gravel here. Then I went to visit the lady who is covering for my therapist while the main person who deals with my crap is on maternity leave. A great lunch at Pinballz in which is was National Wings Day! I also had my best time ever on the go-kart track thanks to the recent resurfacing. I never had to let off the accelerator once to avoid spinning out!

I kicked back to write, yap and read. Then Somara and I finished up with another stuffing meal at Maggiano’s. I forced the room in my gut to have the spumoni for dessert.

However, there are other good deals I need to swing during the remainder of the week in Austin since people here know how to treat you well. Especially through my gregarious nature to build relationships.

I also want to thank everyone for their cards. I always love receiving things in the mail!

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