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We own 27% of the House!

Milestone number two reached with UFCU as our mortgage holder or lender or both? Who cares, they’re doing a great job and they don’t do immoral things like Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citibank, Chase, Capital One or Deutsche Bank … Continue reading

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I now have an iPhone Xs

 Another piece of levity to lessen the severity or annoyance of losing my car two nights ago. The main reason for going to where we were going, resulting in the accident was to pick up my new iPhone Xs…and … Continue reading

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Cookie Monster at a Cubs game

 Even if you can’t stand the Chicago Cubs and/or baseball on TV, you gotta’ admit, seeing Cookie Monster singing at the seventh-inning stretch is worth watching. Given last night’s car accident, I felt the site needed a little levity.

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I sort of made the REF save…

…but my poor car Vixen failed the FORT roll. It’s late and it’s been a long, frustrating evening so all I will say is we had a car accident but we are perfectly fine. We had our seat belts on, … Continue reading

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Rock & Rule

Couldn’t pass up this Weird Wednesday offering at Alamo South Lamar since it’s a huge favorite of Somara’s. She has it on DVD somewhere too but with this being a Canadian movie with a tragic history, it was exciting to … Continue reading

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MAD makes a good point against straws!

I have been asking Starbucks to give me what’s called a nitro lid with my drinks so I can consume my iced latte like a can of soda (it’s soda, pop is what you do to a zit). Besides, the … Continue reading

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GWD’s Futurama rematch!

About eight years ago, I, along with the other four members of Kappa Kappa Wong snatched semi-defeat from the jaws of victory at Geeks Who Drink’s first, and what seemed to be only, Futurama-themed quiz. Time heals all wounds but I … Continue reading

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Sunny birthday gift!

My birthday was last year or is coming depending upon your perspective. This was a great shirt I received from co-worker/friend and ex-pat from Philly, Josh, showing one of my favorite deadbeat dads, Frank Reynolds showing off his genius idea. … Continue reading

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Ouch! My teef! Part 2: The Dentist’s assessment

While I was grateful the dentist could see me yesterday near the end of my shift, I knew the news would be crummy but I hate it when all the other jazz comes into play. Yes, I haven’t been to … Continue reading

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The Wandering Earth or 流浪的地球: 掷骰子

While Endgame and Captain Marvel tally up as the biggest globally grossing movies of 2019, this Chinese attempt at mainstream Science Fiction/Disaster Porn is in third place thanks to China buying 99% of the tickets; it’s not market size, it’s the limited … Continue reading

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Us: Must See

Jordan Peele’s second Horror flick which had its world premiere at SXSW, translation, unless you were an asshole with a SCLM badge, you weren’t allowed to see it until it theaters. SXSW doesn’t concern me anyway, I just regret not … Continue reading

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Ouch! My teef!

“Just what we need!” to paraphrase Somara which was also very little comfort yesterday as I showed her what happened when I fainted yesterday. Fainted? I’ve been feeling off, mostly bed-ridden so I should’ve taken my time heading to the … Continue reading

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Best if ingested…orally

Much like dad’s special brownies, moms need to store these in a special drawer in the fridge to keep the kids out.

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Whataburger sold to a Chicago interest

Since 1950, the Dobson family has kept their predominantly Texas-based burger chain privately owned. It is something they proudly display on the windows of the restaurants, “Family Owned.” Not any longer. Technically what Harmon Dobson’s offspring have done is sell … Continue reading

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Current streak ends at 73 days

The exercise streak I established at some point in April came to a crashing end with yesterday being the final day. There was no injury or anything. I just had a mental setback as the whole afternoon of 6/13 transformed … Continue reading

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