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Another great take on how NFTs will pan out, like crypto!

NFT and Crypto Bullshit were a frequent unwanted guest and topic at the most recent SXSW. Throw in the Toxic Bro’ Culture which goes alongside such con games and it made a pyramid scam so huge, the founders of Amway … Continue reading

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Well, I paid more than the One Percent again this year

Last year I received my first refund in years and of course the IRS turned around gave it to me in the butt five to seven times harder. According to my W-2, the amount of pre-tax revenue I made…I find … Continue reading

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YES! Operation Manhattan is back on track

Today, I successfully refinanced my house for what I hope is the last time. There were a couple times to help pay off the debts via Somara’s student loans and to give her partial ownership. Then to punish Wells Fargo. … Continue reading

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LEGO, the new Bitcoin or treasury bill?

Back when LEGO was going crazy thanks to The LEGO Movie, I remember reading about how you could buy illegal drugs with them in Europe. This story from The Guardian is taking it a step further. However, I find it really comes from … Continue reading

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A pleasant surprise from the IRS, for a change

Before the latest Snowmageddon I received a “letter” from the IRS. Always a heart-stopper. They never send a “letter” to us actual taxpayers, usually a bill to compensate for the taxes Bezos, Musk and Gates don’t pay. This one I … Continue reading

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The Trump ‘Hail Mary’ arrives

I saw it late last night in my checking account after friends told me they received theirs too. Yes, I’m talking about America’s woefully inadequate $1200 to keep its fragile Kapitalism Uber Alles religion alive. Given how much it costs … Continue reading

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No Taxman to pay today!

America’s traditional deadline to make sure the IRS is paid or else they go after your paycheck…if you’re not stinking rich or a corporation hiding its profits in Delaware, the Cayman Islands and Switzerland. Thanks to the Pandemic, the due … Continue reading

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Rot in Hell Jack Welch

The former CEO of General Electric who made Kapitalism a million times worse finally croaked. What a piece of shit he was too. Thanks to him, the majority of corporations are now managed according to his greedy mindset. The shareholders … Continue reading

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Matters are looking a little better as February ends

This was probably the worst February and Leap Month I’ve been through in a while. It has ended on a cautiously optimistic note. How so? I’m getting out of the house. I’m making little bits of progress on the living … Continue reading

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…and UFCU decides to keep punching me!

A measly couple grand! This is what they’re dicking me over on! Rewinding somewhat. I mentioned earlier that my house needed a little repair to its foundation and I mean little. Foundations can cost five to six digits around Austin … Continue reading

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Trickle down predates recorded history!

I’ve been playing D&D since 1981 and much like the IT profession, our gaming ranks do include an abundance of Incels who buy into this economic bullshit. This is pretty funny since it’s spot-on with how flawed St. Reagan’s “Voodoo … Continue reading

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We own 27% of the House!

Milestone number two reached with UFCU as our mortgage holder or lender or both? Who cares, they’re doing a great job and they don’t do immoral things like Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citibank, Chase, Capital One or Deutsche Bank … Continue reading

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We own 26% of the house!

I haven’t posted one of these stories in two years but we did it! After re-financing with University Federal Credit Union to punish the dirtbags at Wells Fargo, we managed to get the balance past the 25 percent point and … Continue reading

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No more student loan payments!

Somara and I pulled it off in less than 12 years via a 20-year refinancing plan! We no longer have to pony up anymore money to Navient (who took over for Sallie Mae), and we were lucky not to be … Continue reading

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No more car payment!

With a little restructuring the assets and finances of the Maggi Republic, we have paid off my car Vixen (an orange Prius C) ahead of time. It doesn’t feel too early. I think the vehicle was financed over six years … Continue reading

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