Christmas 2020 was relatively peaceful today

Although I’m really enjoying divorced life more and more every day, one thing I miss are the combined incomes which let me take this day off, watch a movie at Alamo Drafthouse before joining up with my former spouse to have dinner. If I did work, the lion’s share of what I made was gravy toward a nice luxury or an upcoming vacation. Last year was the beginning of “work this day” or “shit’s going to be even tighter.” Xmas 2020 is no different and to bludgeon the obvious…it’s a horrible year on numerous levels, might as well work.

With it being a holiday throughout the majority of the world, I joined the skeleton crew in answering calls. It was pretty mellow despite getting held over several hours past quitting time; I had a person with a major, time-consuming emergency.

Now for a nice, carefree weekend, hoping Jennifer really likes what I bought her. I’m not worried about what she gives me. Jennifer is full of surprises.

Hope you all out there get great, thoughtful stuff.

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