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New shirt for the puppets

I guess we had to wait over a generation to forget Bar’s ‘underachiever and proud of it’ joke  to enjoy how smart Lisa is. I scored this at Old Navy while getting emergency fat-guy jeans for myself. Would’ve been nice … Continue reading

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RIP Cloris Leachman

Another stalwart of Mel Brooks’ comedies but also a heavy hitter when it came to drama since Cloris won an Oscar® for The Last Picture Show, a movie keep trying to see but put off. TCM’s 30 Days of Ocsars is coming up, … Continue reading

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GM to go all electric by 2035

To all the MAGAts, haw haw! All that screaming, bullying and so on from your Orange Foolius to lower mileage standards have failed. For a corporation the size of General Motors to finally announce this means they have planned this … Continue reading

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RIP: Larry King

I remember when Ted Turner plucked this guy from obscurity…I never heard of him. Made Larry a big deal interviewer guy. His show was usually something my old man listened to on long drives because he either was sick of … Continue reading

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1976: Laverne & Shirley debuts on ABC!

A big thank you to Silver Age of TV’s Twitter feed and additional details from the ever wonderful Michael McKean bringing this anniversary up. Sadly, stars Penny Marshall and David Landers are no longer with us alongside its primary creator … Continue reading

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RIP: Gregory Sierra

You may not recall his name, but Gregory was a frequent guest or recurring cast member in my SitComs I grew up with. The main one was Barney Miller as a detective who had to live with killing a suspect in … Continue reading

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Stupidity crosses the Atlantic

When Jeremy alerted me to the rioting in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam and Urk I concluded that either American Idiocy has become our number one export or the Dutch failed to get all their morons to emigrate to the States. … Continue reading

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RIP: James White

No…you’re thinking of Jack White. This gentleman who passed away yesterday was the founder/owner of Austin’s Broken Spoke, a honky tonk started in the mid Sixties. Over the years, numerous famous performers came through: Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton and Asleep at … Continue reading

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2001: On The Media begins

This weekend, the one podcast I have religiously listen to since…I can’t remember. Let’s just say when iTunes (now divided into Music and Podcasts) first added the ability to subscribe to podcasts. Checking the Internet, iTunes 4.9 which was about … Continue reading

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RIP Hank Aaron

I was only nuts about baseball for several years as a kid but I’ve always known about Hank Aaron, the guy who beat Babe Ruth’s longstanding home run record. I don’t care if Barry Bonds allegedly holds it, there’s a … Continue reading

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CV-19 Update #2

The test results came in and I was alerted minutes ago, pretty impressive, I found out within 22 hours. NEGATIVE That’s all for Jennifer and me. We can all get on with our lives, namely, watching the Packers crush Bucs’ … Continue reading

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RIP: Mira Furlan

More people know her from Lost, another boring-ass, disappointing JJ Abrams shit show. The rest of us will forever love her as Ambassador Delenn on Babylon 5, the Sci-Fi program which had consequences and real intrigue while the other two Star Trek shows … Continue reading

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CV-19 Update #1

At least the testing was free as we rushed to downtown Austin. It’s also easier to take. Last Summer it was a painful shove up both nostrils. The pain lingered for a couple hours. Now they’ve got it down to … Continue reading

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Jennifer has tested “positive” for CV-19

Jennifer just received the phone call from her employer about an hour ago. We’re both off to get (re)tested since there’s a good chance it’s a false positive given the number of times she is tested—three times a week since … Continue reading

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Honeymoon is over, so will it be brunch or progress?

Personally, I don’t think Christ would’ve gotten half the inauguration hype Grampa’ Brunch got by the way the Democrats have pumped up this career Centrist. You won’t get any disagreement from me about how horrendous the last four years were. … Continue reading

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