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Stupidity crosses the Atlantic

When Jeremy alerted me to the rioting in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam and Urk I concluded that either American Idiocy has become our number one export or the Dutch failed to get all their morons to emigrate to the States. … Continue reading

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RIP: Rutger Hauer

 Another Sci-Fi and Fantasy icon lost. Rutger was really the actor who made Blade Runner the memorable movie it was since Harrison Ford was just phoning it in. The film’s surprise ending with Roy’s speech is one of Sci-Fi’s greatest moments … Continue reading

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Check out what I got in the mail from Amsterdam!

My friends who live in Amsterdam sent me the English links from the Rijks Museum to score these special Playmobil sets based upon famous paintings! Above is The Nightwatch by none other than Rembrandt. Stealth was not the plan as you … Continue reading

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