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CPAC = Comic Con for American Fascists

I can see those greasy-haired, Reagan wannabes from my days at Marquette at this MAGAt rally, telling stories about how the Libruls at Marquette trying to cancel them in the Eighties. Riiiiiight. They’ll obviously the critical details of what their … Continue reading

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Wonder Woman 1984: needs more development/editing

It’s a good thing AT&T prepared for a beating by going with this sequel via streaming because 84 was another mediocre DC movie. What a pisser, I really liked the first one plus I was looking forward to the next chapter … Continue reading

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An old piece of propaganda from the Seventies

The recent winter storm brought this to the forefront again as a friend asked why I was giving the temperature in Metric, then backpedalled on how he was joking. Another friend reminisced with me about the big push to learn … Continue reading

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A most righteous and awesome jersey

Geeky Jerseys gave me second chance to get my customized version of this very Eighties and spectacular design thanks to the third movie debuting late last year. The design fits the former description because the colors utilized were pretty common … Continue reading

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Fry’s bites the dust

“Well, that was sudden but sounds like them,” was my immediate reaction because customer service, product knowledge and basic human interactions were alien concepts to the Austin location. Ergo, them being open one day and then shut down nationwide seemed … Continue reading

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Ad Astra, more like Ad Satietatem

I watched this last year as an accidental run of depressing Sci-Fi flicks I found on streaming services: Prospect, Aniara and A Quiet Place. The last one was Horror too but it’s set in the near future as some time had passed since the … Continue reading

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A pleasant surprise from the IRS, for a change

Before the latest Snowmageddon I received a “letter” from the IRS. Always a heart-stopper. They never send a “letter” to us actual taxpayers, usually a bill to compensate for the taxes Bezos, Musk and Gates don’t pay. This one I … Continue reading

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I declare Snowmageddon ’21 – Vol. II…over

Looking outside today, all I could see were little, isolated patches of snow or ice on the ground (not asphalt or concrete). So the weather element is done, especially with the temperature expected to hit 21° C. I craved junk/fast … Continue reading

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Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

My movie review procrastination is semi-over! It was mostly driven by way too many things but I’m using the Texas Snowmageddon 2021 – Volume II‘s conclusion to get this new overdue subcategory rolling It’s based my attempt to bring Jennifer … Continue reading

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KMAG Podcast not available on Spotify for hilarious reasons

A couple weeks ago, I noticed that I couldn’t find my podcast KMAG via Spotify and then I received an e-mail from a friend verifying this. The latter assured me I wasn’t a moron when it came to searching on … Continue reading

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My first Urban Dictionary entry was accepted!

Truthfully, I cannot take all the credit for what has been immortalized! It deserves to be shared with my sister-in-law Anje for mentioning it to me last Summer and her brother for coining it. What is it you ask? Click … Continue reading

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At least these two cats are managing

 This brief footage of two local strays/ferals just strolling through the snow in my driveway gave me a sense of relief today. I was never worried about Isis and Aggie’s well-being in the mess but the numerous homeless cats … Continue reading

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Oh yeah, Piper & Prince have a home

I got so caught up in numerous other things going on recently that I completely forgot to mention these last two kittens were adopted by their forever home as siblings. It happened last week but I did remember to take … Continue reading

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Ding dong Rush Limbaugh is dead!

Ding dong Rush is dead! Flush that turd down the head! At least Death is apolitical and it couldn’t have happened to a bigger asshole. To those who say you shouldn’t speak ill of the dead, go screw yourself! He … Continue reading

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Snow-ma-geddon 2021!

Power was restored at my house today, hence no post for yesterday! Lucky you while unlucky for Jennifer, her apartment remains offline and everything there is electric. Hard to believe 20 years ago, I wasn’t too thrilled about natural gas … Continue reading

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