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I’m set for vaccine shot #2 next Wednesday!

Finally! Austin Public Health followed through yesterday to inform me that I’m scheduled for my second Moderna shot. With it, I will soon be invincible! Mwah ha ha! There was some fatigue on the first evening so I’m hoping my … Continue reading

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1971: Starbucks begins

Hard to believe that a little coffee shop started by some college buddies would go on to dominate America. These days though, Howard Schultz has tried to revise the narrative into it being him who made it all happen. Not … Continue reading

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A cat getting in shape for swimsuit season

If you have a cat or have known them for as long as I have, I wish they were doing sit-ups but I’m figuring it’s just an awkward attempt at grooming. We humans can dream.

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Republicans send experts to the Border

A gaggle of Republicans chose to visit the Border (aka US-Mexico) for some “fact-finding” missions. They’re about several decades behind on giving a crap but hey, there’s a Dem in the White House so it has always been Grampa’ Brunch’s … Continue reading

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Hey…Eyes and cuddle down here!

So much for watching some TV by myself, uninterrupted with a sandwich. These two have some sixth sense of knowing when I will be on the couch. They’re still adorable little monsters, even when Agamemnon uses his 16 pounds to … Continue reading

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Join Starfleet! It’s not just an adventure…it’s a job!

I know this is just a set worker cleaning the bridge but it reminded me of a rare, funny SNL fake ad mocking the US Navy’s campaign to get people to join with their new catchphrase, it’s not just a job…it’s an adventure. … Continue reading

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RIP Jessica Walter

So sad to see Jessica go. Although many remember her best as the mean-ass matriarch from Arrested Development, she will always be the crazy, racist head of ISIS (Archer) and decades earlier, the obsessed fan in Play Misty for Me. Good thing she … Continue reading

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KMAG played its two point five millionth song

I forgot to even watch for this because so much other crap is going down and let’s face it, I’m jumpy about getting the second shot of Moderna. The stream hit the 2.5 million milestone but it didn’t go with … Continue reading

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2001: Mac OS X available

The great leap forward for the PowerPC-based Mac finally happened and it wasn’t smooth nor painless. Many critics called it a paid-public beta; a very old accusation of every OS or application. All the powers-that-be at Apple knew this too … Continue reading

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Ocean View food truck invades Austin, again!

Tempting but lobster is a temperamental thing with my stomach. I can imagine that this truck serves the meat on bread and covered in butter. If I’m wrong, please let me know what a lobster roll really is.

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Van Halen-themed hotel

Spotted this off Rainey Street but remembered to take a picture. Not exactly sure what the builders were thinking unless they were huge Van Halen fans. I can only imagine the construction workers laying down giant rolls of tape on … Continue reading

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Anatomy book out of context!

The caption says, “Muscles make the body move,” if I’m being chased by some horror from an HP Lovecraft story, you can imagine how quickly I can run!

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Cat play dates

In preparation for what we hope is the future, I brought my more gregarious cat Agamemnon over to Jennifer’s place to meet the gang (Nubby, Vegas, Morpheus, Orion, Totoro and Roxy). It went pretty well given that in the past, … Continue reading

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Tiresome meme turns 10

This proves a theory that I had but never bothered to share because I’m confident everybody thought it too. The people from the original photo were actors/actresses hired to do a series of shots for clip art. Ergo, it probably … Continue reading

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What I plan to watch this weekend on HBO Max…

But seriously, I’m not a fan of Zack Snyder’s superhero work or his lame-ass Dawn of the Dead remake. I did watch 300 in the last year or so, it held up. Falcon and the Winter Soldier and For All Mankind are bigger … Continue reading

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