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RIP Taylor Hawkins

Sad to hear about him passing but all the substances in his blood should never come as a surprise. Touring is hard. With any incarnation of show business, the public expects you to always be “on.” What I’m mostly surprised … Continue reading

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1971: “Stairway to Heaven” released

Technically it was Monday but this week in Popular Music History, the song which defines Led Zeppelin, whether Robert Plant likes it or not, was released. When I was growing up, I only heard it Sunday evenings on WLS as … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Eighties Photo…August 2021

Those three together in one place could cause an Eighties Singularity to form!

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RIP Dusty Hill

I put off Dusty’s obit because it happened around my birthday and I wanted to keep the mood light. Now we’re can honor the famous bass player and his role in my Classic Rock education through ZZ Top. Oddly, I … Continue reading

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Van Halen-themed hotel

Spotted this off Rainey Street but remembered to take a picture. Not exactly sure what the builders were thinking unless they were huge Van Halen fans. I can only imagine the construction workers laying down giant rolls of tape on … Continue reading

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When it comes to a Biography or Auto-Biography movie, this is more like it! Right away the tagline says, “The only way to tell his story is to live his Fantasy.” Even if it weren’t Elton John, this should’ve been … Continue reading

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1969: The Altamont Festival debacle

In an attempt to recapture the “magic” of Woodstock (an overrated event) but on the West Coast, the Rolling Stones ended their tour by having a festival with CSN&Y, Santana, Jefferson Airplane and Grateful Dead as openers. It wasn’t thought … Continue reading

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Bohemian Rhapsody: Worth Seeing

After some delays, a sanitized version of Queen’s story has finally hit the big screen with the blessing of Brian May and Roger Taylor, the only two remaining members who tour. Even though he retired in the late Nineties, I’m … Continue reading

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