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2001: On The Media begins

This weekend, the one podcast I have religiously listen to since…I can’t remember. Let’s just say when iTunes (now divided into Music and Podcasts) first added the ability to subscribe to podcasts. Checking the Internet, iTunes 4.9 which was about … Continue reading

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RIP Hank Aaron

I was only nuts about baseball for several years as a kid but I’ve always known about Hank Aaron, the guy who beat Babe Ruth’s longstanding home run record. I don’t care if Barry Bonds allegedly holds it, there’s a … Continue reading

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CV-19 Update #2

The test results came in and I was alerted minutes ago, pretty impressive, I found out within 22 hours. NEGATIVE That’s all for Jennifer and me. We can all get on with our lives, namely, watching the Packers crush Bucs’ … Continue reading

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