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Going to San Antonio tonight, won’t be back until 1/3/21

Still going to avoid crowds as much as possible, especially at the city’s overrated, smelly Riverwalk. I’m looking forward to relaxing in a hotel room with unlimited towels, hot water and free Wi-Fi. Enjoy your New Year’s Eve festivities.

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Seems about right, thanks Patton & Screen Junkies

 The masters of reworking movie trailers (and sometimes TV shows) did a solid job bludgeoning the obvious on how shitty 2020 was and will be remembered. It’s cool that Screen Junkies got Patton Oswalt to participate. Past guests Ryan … Continue reading

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May 2020 be the end of Reaganism and Rand’s rantings

I also wanted to post this because I have a friend whose daughter was assigned The Fountainhead at her school for English class. Like any thinking person who isn’t a greedy sociopath named Mark Cuban or Rand Paul, my reaction was “What? … Continue reading

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My first attempt at digitizing vinyl worked out

I think Jennifer’s main gift went over well. It’s too soon to tell but I’m confident the middle present (in cost) was a success: Blue October’s latest release on two green vinyl disks. Why green not blue? No clue. As … Continue reading

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My main gifts from Jennifer

Pretty spiffy! One of the nicest shirts I’ve ever received and I can dress up in style like Joe Bob Briggs! However, I cannot be but a tad worried that Jennifer is trying to countrify me. I am a Yankee … Continue reading

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The 12 days of drinking begins

We’ve all seen and heard of the booze-based advent calendars. Here’s one for the 12 Days of Christmas per the song. Contrary to the McKenzie Brothers’ deductions, I learned through an NPR DJ that these 12 days begin today (12/26 … Continue reading

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Christmas 2020 was relatively peaceful today

Although I’m really enjoying divorced life more and more every day, one thing I miss are the combined incomes which let me take this day off, watch a movie at Alamo Drafthouse before joining up with my former spouse to … Continue reading

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To remind KKKristians regarding the season

They’re the first to whine and bitch about the secularism that isn’t really happening since even I am fine with Merry Christmas. I do throw in the New Year. With people I know, I add Festivus, Solstice, Hanukkah and Kwanza. … Continue reading

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A lump of crap from the GOP & Brunch Democrats

Just in time for the holidays. Get ready for the next four years of President Foot-in-Mouth failing to do crap. How quickly the apologists forget their “savior” is an austerity fanatic which will play well with the GOP and Brunch … Continue reading

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Designated sane for the holidays and days are getting longer!

I recently got off the phone with my therapist for the year and she has declared me A-OK for the next couple weeks, phew! I wasn’t really worried. Despite how much 2020 sucks for everyone, suffering from anxiety already had … Continue reading

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Why I stopped having a Christmas Tree

In the past when the Maggi Republic existed, there was a plastic one but it doesn’t matter to felines, they have to climb it. After coming home from work, only to find it on the floor half the time…well, that … Continue reading

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Not a spoiler re: The Mandalorian, just a fact

Friday’s finale for season two was the only good thing to come of Disney trying to own everything and get their $4 billion back from Lucas. Well that and Abrams’ general body of work is crap and overrated.

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Favorite fiction v. Philosophy

How about some examples? In the fiction department I would go with Alan Dean Foster, Octavia Butler, Michael Moorcock, Douglas Coupland and James Ellroy (he would be a bumpy journey). In the latter? There is fiction: Frank Herbert (Dune has … Continue reading

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Our current…eternal struggle as 2020 ends

Let’s hope that 2020 wins for a change on this contest based upon a really stupid Stallone movie from the Eighties.

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Can’t get more Eighties than this

I will give Mrs. Lauper credit her outfit not being an eyesore like Mr. Herman’s.

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