CV-19 outbreaks spiking in Moron Zones

Yet another news dump from the No Shit! Department. The Delta Variant is flourishing in the pockets of the US where the vaccination rate is low. You know, MAGAtland, which is filled with the “real” Amerikans, the kind who believe their dumb opinions are as valid as an expert’s. Nevermind that they vote for assholes who attended the the elite schools said assholes rail against; Sen. Cancun Cruz, Sen. Hitler Hawley and Dicktator DeSantis plus Elmer Fudd’s lovechild and Count Dracula-Thiel’s stooge, JD Vance. Oh yeah, and these same detractors of Dr. Fauci were immunized. The only one true believer is Sen. Rand Toupée.

So when the next wave of lockdowns happen, they have no one to blame but themselves. We can only hope it kills more of the morons leading the charge at CPAC (Caucasian People Always Complaining). I nominate, the terrorist Georgia elected, MTG.

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