Meet Metztli

Don’t let the grumpy-looking face fool you. It went away pretty quickly! Metztli is very focused on eating because she was starving. How do you pronounce the name I gave her? Since it’s the Aztec goddess of the moon, it’s METZ-zuht-lee, yeah the Z and second T get squished in there to make an extra syllable.

I have to go back a bit in time on how this little fink got rescued. As I was getting ready for work, I spotted a different cat walking across the street. He looked pretty well-fed, could be someone’s pet who shouldn’t be roaming around. I approached him on the sidewalk and he cautiously came up to sniff me. While I was turning around to pet him, Metztli came running out of the wet grass, mewing and immediately climbed up on to my shoulder. A wet, furry, semi-smelly parrot purring at the rate of a motorboat. Poor cat, she was bone thin, much like a different stray I met 20 years earlier…Miette.

Currently, Mietztli is contained, given food and water with a place to go potty and stay warm. She will meet the vet next week. Isis couldn’t care less. Agamemnon is jealous which I wish he weren’t. He’s still my number one cuddle bug when watching TV and no one is getting replaced or overthrown. Besides, he will need to adjust to a pair of older cats moving into Chez Maggi in the near future.

More about her as it happens!

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