Farewell 2021, you sucked less than 2020…so, thanks?

Well…it wasn’t as crappy as 2020 is about I could say about 2021. The year got going with a big scare thanks to Freedumb Fighters, MAGAts and Ammosexuals. So will that be the closest attempt at Girth Vader attempting the Reichstag Fire or what we all fear, the dress rehearsal for installing someone even worse, a competent Fascist such as Hawley or Cotton. But c’mon, we knew these assholes weren’t going to leave peacefully because they’ve finally admitted to what I’ve accused the core GOP of for 40 years, they hate democracy.

Then matters got better until the Texas Grid crapped out when a flock of ducks farted. Nothing fails in a crisis like Kapitalism. Trust me. In all those Post-Apocalypse settings on TV, film and novels, nobody is trying to restore the market economy since it contributed to the disaster.

Rebounded with getting vaccinated in March, shot two in April, all in time to visit Las Vegas in May! Woo hoo! Summer was smooth sailing too even as the Delta Variant kept waving through. Initiated my own, original content podcast too. Hang in there. Our studio is in transition and more episodes will happen. I’m planning more in advance in the same manner as the clip-art company I worked for.

Had a pretty solid Fall. You all by now have seen what we did for Halloween and I went to my first RenFaire in years, maybe decades! We took in several bitchin’ concerts of newer artists! Jason Isbell and Lukas Nelson despite the latter’s age curve being more to my right than other shows. I dragged Jennifer through the craziness of stand-up comedy with her first Moontower Fest and I enjoyed the hell out of AltercationFest thanks to our local gem, JT Habersaat!

Now we’re in the home stretch. Everybody’s gift is late and I don’t blame it on the supply chain bullshit. When there’s disruptions, it’s better illustrated as a snake digesting its food unlike the Media’s lame-ass all or nothing presentations. It won’t matter in the end. Grampa’ Brunch is the horrible POTUS I knew he’d be and all his defenders need to remember, their establishment choose him, not the voters. I mean, they preferred Brunch over Girth yet it was a shit choice, do you want to get thrown down the stairs or out the window? Plus these dying Boomer Mummies failed to achieve much. If I hear Obamacare one more time, I will scream. Obamacare is a piece of crap for one major reason, it still involves for-profit health insurance! Grampa’ Brunch is old, out of touch and he has no spine to use his position to pimp slap the Senate into shape. Ergo, the Dems will lose in 2022 and we’ll have another two years of what Slick Willie and Obummer did, surrendering to domestic terrorists.

Is it all bad? Nah. I love my new Watch and iPhone 13 Pro in how well they work, namely improved pictures. We helped some kittens find new forever homes. I strengthened friendships and relations at varying levels. I got back in some serious exercise. I even have my house on the mend into becoming the slice of paradise I always wanted. Disney+ did some amazing TV and films while HBO Max turned out to be great.

What do I hope for in the new year? Playing D&D again. Contributing to charity with time and money. Seeing my niece and nephew on the Maggi side in person. Here’s the major one I think I can actually achieve and it’s overdue, reading an entire book. Doesn’t matter if it’s fiction or whatever, I need to finish just one lately.

See you in the New Year!

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