My new bookshelves!

I decided to treat myself with a major personal upgrade now that I have recovered my office for the new tile floor and especially for successfully clearing out the room. It was nothing but a messy, hoarding nightmare filled with books, bins, etc. since…hell, I can’t even remember. Obviously, what has been reclaimed and redeemed as my office wasn’t meant to be a monument to procrastination, it just happened. This room was supposed to be temporary storage and a staging area while Somara cleared out her office. Once she emptied and/or organized it enough, we would remodel it into a library to store all our various types of media. Then my office would follow and become a joint office. Sadly, it never happened.

Well, it’s all in the past and to celebrate with some of the refinancing, I bought a pair of these bitchin’ bookshelves from Austin’s Furniture in the Raw. These aren’t your typical Ikea Billy particle board crap! Mine are custom built and made from oak. They’re solid! Best of all, they’re worthy of being put in my will to bestow upon my nephews and niece. I hope they’ll find new homes with new books and/or nick nacks, unlike the fate of most Amerikan stuff (really cheap Chinese trash), the dumpster.

The delivery guys were champs too. They were somewhat worried about all the angles to get into the office but they succeeded with nary a scuff, bruise or torn muscle. I graciously tipped them $50. I hope they had some well-deserved food and drinks on me. They saved me a ton of grief and Icy Hot.

Next up, evacuating the second storage space I’m renting to hold all the immediate crap I displaced for the floor people and to help Jennifer move in. Not everything in there is returning, just mostly books and should I run out, maybe a few cool toys to show off. The biggest temptation to resist will be not to fill it up. Nature, Gamers and Bibliophiles hate vacuums or space where something could go! I’m unfortunately two of those.

Within five minutes, Metztli hopped up and approved.

Agamemnon refused to be outdone and picked his own shelf.

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2 Responses to My new bookshelves!

  1. Nelson says:

    The new bookshelves look awesome!! Hope the kitties will not stay in there after things are moved in to the new bookshelves!!!

  2. Mark M says:

    They look great!