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Another good doctor visit and discussion about CBD

My sanity wasn’t exactly in question lately although I have been feeling angrier and more irritable. I blame it on how the GOP and Dems continue to be fucking useless as the world burns. Either way, we had a productive … Continue reading

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Reason number 162 on why Alamo Drafthouse rules!

Well, people dressing up as movie characters at the same movie isn’t terribly new but only Austinites would bother for Bob’s Burgers given how much support we residents and Alamo Drafthouse have provided! It was cool to see these people as … Continue reading

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Bob’s Burgers the Movie: Must See!

I’m putting this movie ahead of my stalled queue entailing all the crap I’m behind on, it’s a short list since Covid and money kept me from hitting Alamo very much in 2021. Bob’s Burgers the Movie will probably be … Continue reading

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In Caturday…a good sign, grooming!

When cats groom each other, it’s a great thing, it means they’re getting along and they’re cool…as cool as felines get; there will always be a little swatting, ears down and hissing. Besides Agamemnon letting the little tuxedo know he … Continue reading

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RIP Ray Liotta

Given his substance issues, it’s amazing he lived this long honestly. Somebody already had a mean joke too, I guess the drug Channix does work, he did stop smoking. Ouch! Ray burst on the scene for most of us via Goodfellas, the most … Continue reading

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RIP Andrew Fletcher

Andrew wasn’t as famous as the other members of Depeche Mode (Dave Gahan, Martin Gore or former founder Vince Clarke) but many said he was the glue to keep the band together. Not a small feat for a band that’s … Continue reading

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Alamo Drafthouse turned 25!

Completely choked on getting the date right, it was two days ago. Doesn’t matter too much. When the first Alamo Drafthouse opened at 4th and Colorado, I was neck deep in all the crap happening with PowerComputing: the IPO, trying … Continue reading

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Biz as usual in Texas

I’ve been numb to this shit for years and I honestly can’t remember when it happened because Uvalde wasn’t anything new in Amerika, the only Western country where mass shootings are weekly occurrences. It’s only a matter of minutes before The … Continue reading

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1992: Johnny Carson’s last Tonight Show

Seems the date is up for debate on when this happened but I’m going to trust the great Alison Martino; she documents the rapidly disappearing LA monuments that made the city legendary, livable and loved. Much like Austin, LA is … Continue reading

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Commuting hasn’t changed too much

Last week, I had to drive to the campus three times and although I have grown accustomed to the joys of working at home, especially when my Agamemnon shows me how happy he is in my lap; I never really … Continue reading

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KMAG Podcast updates

Last year, I finished remastering or re-doing all the mix tapes I made for my friends way back in the early-to-mid Nineties, the decade in which portable music was still on analog cassettes or “digital” CDs. It’s a pity that … Continue reading

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This week’s Caturday, tunnel troubles!

 This week, I captured the kittens enjoying one of the toys they’re supposed to be tearing up because it’s designed NOT to be torn apart, a nylon tunnel. Originally, I bought it for Agamemnon to entertain him with Isis … Continue reading

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One Gen X Maggi couple made it to 27 years…

…and obviously it wasn’t me! Congratulations to Linda and Brian along with their two kids for making it this long. In an era in which it’s easier to get a divorce instead of working it out or toughing it out, … Continue reading

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RIP Vangelis

Most people remember him for the Top 40 hit he had with the movie Chariots of Fire, an uninteresting movie about a couple Brits running in the Olympics circa the 1920s. You could call it the Downton Abbey of track and field! … Continue reading

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I chipped in my part for Kickstarter on the new d20/5E Modern

A favorite element of D&D’s Third Edition (3E) debut in 2000 was how the designers made the revised core rules truly adaptable to other genres (just not superheroes as Champions proves it still CANNOT do well). They immediately proved my point with their … Continue reading

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