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Cuddle puddle on the hammock!

One thing that always baffles me about kittens versus cats is their sleeping habits. When they’re little, adorable kittens, they band together for warmth and probably familiarity when they sleep. Then they turn into cats and become loners about 90% … Continue reading

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1992: LA Riots

What a horrible loss of lives. Things can be replaced and repaired yet 63 people weren’t so lucky thanks to the LAPD officers being acquitted of nearly beating Rodney King to death. Now there’s more to the events than what … Continue reading

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Fun spin on Hughes’ cringiest movie

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Today in weird EU food (April 2022)

My friends in the Netherlands are now on vacation! Another great trip to Euro Disney (insert French-accented laughter). They drove this time which meant they drove through Belgium’s lamest, most annoying, goody goody region, Flanders…stupid Flanders! Meanwhile, Jeremy sent a … Continue reading

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RIP Chris Bailey

Damn it! Another musical legend and part of my History passed away. What makes me more pissed is that I found out two weeks later, again, via the New York Times. If I had been paying more attention of The Guardian I … Continue reading

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Cambridge doesn’t like closeups!

After doing a tirade mocking the has-been state of Ohio, here’s a little levity involving Cambridge! I’m not torturing him. As something to amuse my friends’ kids, I’ve been working on a time-lapse movie of my beard regrowing after the … Continue reading

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Ohio’s campaign to stop their negative trend by being negative!

I have let this lame campaign of bullshit go on long enough but during this Moontower Comedyfest, one comedian put Ohio in its place…It’s Amerika’s Cheesecake Factory, which means it’s the center of our nation’s decline via overpriced crap and mediocrity. … Continue reading

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Caturday! Aggie meets Cambridge

The foster kittens have reached the stage of stir crazy, already. When they’re awake and they suspect we’re in the same state, they begin mew constantly. Today, we let the wander about the master bedroom after Nubby had his food. … Continue reading

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The era of Apple server products ends (1992-2022)

Yesterday, Apple announced that its last incarnation of the Server application hit the end of its road after 30 years. This finale was pretty expected, just not its exact date. Server will still operate for those who want to use … Continue reading

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Back to my workplace yesterday was pretty good

I’m pretty lucky since I got to volunteer for the gradual plan for the next six weeks but I dread it may be pointless as another strain hits the Northeast a handful of Moontower Comedyfest guests tested positive. I think … Continue reading

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Meet our Spring ’22 Fosters!

The virtual dust has settled enough at Castello di Maggi that we’ve taken in our newest foster-cat family to socialize and prep for their new human families when they’re ready! Since it’s Spring time in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s also kitten … Continue reading

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Well, I paid more than the One Percent again this year

Last year I received my first refund in years and of course the IRS turned around gave it to me in the butt five to seven times harder. According to my W-2, the amount of pre-tax revenue I made…I find … Continue reading

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The latest dispatch from “No Shit” April 2022 edition

As always, the corporate media of Austin finally posts the obvious regarding the Austin real estate market. Travis and Williamson County are now unaffordable? NO! It couldn’t be all the greedy vultures pestering me via SMS to buy my house … Continue reading

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Meet B.O.B.!

Another addition to Castello di Maggi! Thanks to Costco, we got a good deal on a Roomba to help keep our newish tile floor clean. I named it B.O.B., the beat-up robot with Slim Pickens’ voice from The Black Hole. If you … Continue reading

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Happy 70th Birthday to Billy West!

He’s probably one of the biggest names in voice-acting these days. Even if you’re not into animation (both kid and adult stuff) like me, you’ve heard him for years on TV. Billy has been the Cheerios Honey-Nut Bee and the … Continue reading

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