Back to my workplace yesterday was pretty good

I’m pretty lucky since I got to volunteer for the gradual plan for the next six weeks but I dread it may be pointless as another strain hits the Northeast a handful of Moontower Comedyfest guests tested positive. I think it had a lot more to do with air travel given how selfish some passengers are, especially those gross assholes who insist on being barefoot, ugh, go to your destination in a VW van you filthy Hippie.

Overall, the experience was bittersweet. My floor still looked like a ghost town with how few were scheduled on my day. The cafeteria was much better. It was awesome to see all the employees there. I feared they would’ve moved on given how the whole food services ecosystem has a high turnover. Heck, some even remembered my name! How wonderful. I was disappointed in not seeing any of the wild life I heard had become braver to feed off the landscaping. Personally I figured they would prefer the dumpsters, the cafeteria must have some bitchin’ leftovers. Back to my cube, it looked alien given it being empty. I am going to miss having a cat in my lap part of the day. Agamemnon and Metztli purring or trilling is soothing for both parties.

Before the pandemic hit, I really hated the idea of working from home…ever. I prefer to keep a hard dividing line between my personal life and my job. The clowns the Media lionizes who blur this, namely rich assholes, are selling you a bill of crap. I still believe it. However, the advantages of staying at home to do my thing did reveal themselves quickly: staying on top of laundry, eating leftovers, knocking out minor chores and the biggest one, no commute! Ergo, the now implemented compromise is do-able. I hope we keep it.

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  1. Nelson says:

    Going back to the office is a major adjustment for sure!!