I think I got my $15K’s worth

To give you a better idea of its scale, this puppy is bigger than either front-loading washer or dryer and I think most people know how large those things are. It’s almost taller than Jennifer’s daughter and Cheyenne is unusually short; sometimes she’s mistaken for a young teenager, could save her some money going to the movies while keeping her off roller coasters.

The AC company sent three really nice guys to install it today. It took them only an hour longer than the other team claimed and I’m alright with that, the outcome has been fan-tas-tic! Well, ask me again when I have to make the first payment in 90 days despite a $350 rebate from the manufacturer (Lennox). The trio did a helluva’ job. They wisely took down the fence behind the unit to bring it in instead of my stupid idea, bring it around through the backyard. It’s why they’re the experts and I shut up, just pay the bill! The only difficulty was corralling all the cats who were prone to running out the door and containing them in the master bedroom with Jennifer to keep the peace…so, four dumb kittens and four adults who hate each other. Vegas and Isis chose to cower in a corner behind or within the cat tower.

I’m still toying with the new app on my iPhone to train the system to schedule accordingly. With my employer soon ordering me to campus three days a week and probably given how employment Amerika is evolving into indentured servitude, inevitably every weekday, I need to find out how to get the system to cut back when nobody human is present. Cats actually can handle slightly higher temperatures better than humans since they’re originally from the arid parts of North Africa. We’ve already been impressed with how much nicer the house feels tonight. Next up will be if it makes a dent in the electric bill as promised. It should be efficient. The specifications say it can cool or heat three tons in cubic space. Not sure if the area is based upon a ton of liquid hydrogen, oxygen, water or some substance I don’t think about. Either way, it’s more than than enough for a house that’s a mere (by Amerikan standards) 1340 square feet (125 square meters).

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