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Hooray! My vision or eyeballs, are holding steady!

I accidentally discovered I was overdue for an eye exam and it only happened thanks to me stepping on my glasses; the joys of sleeping on a mattress on the floor. How did I pull this off in my youth? … Continue reading

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Wow! The Seventies were really fashion-impaired

I definitely have it so much better than my father when it comes to work attire in the white-collar world! By the time I got to enter the workforce in 1991, blue jeans were accepted in most places but a … Continue reading

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So Seventies, so absorbant…so gross

Imagine the pitch. It’s a bathrobe. It’s a jumpsuit. It’s a set of coveralls. It’s formal wear at a swingers party. I know I often hear the litany of “don’t kink shame dude!’ But c’mon, these are gross on so … Continue reading

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Must be serious if I got Jennifer Converse shoes!

Scored these for Jennifer at the Journey’s in San Antonio. Since they have unicorns and other brightly colored creatures, there was no way she could refuse me. Besides, it was only fair as I have to wear cowboy boots from … Continue reading

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Father’s Day gift from Jennifer and my cats!

My girlfriend Jennifer is becoming a good influence in my opinion. I’ve lived in Texas for 26 years and I’ve never had anything more authentic than my Stetson hat. So she had a secret conference with Isis and Agamemnon to … Continue reading

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Inspirational socks!

Picked these up at Waterloo Records. The first pair had a unicorn, therefore I had to get them for my friend Rev. Kathy R, that’s her spirit animal. Now the other pair were for me. I’m not feeling pessimistic nor … Continue reading

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Summer is officially over, put away your white pants

And so the Summer of 2019 comes to an official end with back-to-school, hunkering down for the calorie-induced holiday stretch Halloween candy, Thanksgiving dinner/leftovers and Christmas parties) and in Austin, the annual invasion of ACL Fest Assholes over two weekends. … Continue reading

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Awesome, funky boots!

The picture just says it all! These boots and its picture are courtesy of a new co-worker who shares my love of shoes. Unfortunately, the store only makes the gear for ladies. What’s a heterosexual man supposed to do?

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