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Scooby-Doo Chucks, pair one!

These were released last Spring to coincide with the release of Scoob! the movie that obviously wasn’t a success thanks to the Pandemic killing its debut in theaters. I have yet to watch it on HBO Max and I have no … Continue reading

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RIP Joe Ruby

Last Wednesday, legendary cartoon writer Joe Ruby passed away. Over many years he plotted gags and wrote scripts for numerous Hanna-Barbera shows. His most famous co-creation was Scooby Doo with Ken Spears and animator Iwao Takamoto. Sadly, Saturday Morning cartoons … Continue reading

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The other Dynamic Duo of the Seventies!

A whole new generation of kids was going to be introduced to Blue Falcon and Dynomutt next month via an upcoming Scooby Doo movie but the Pandemic killed its theatrical release; it will be out digitally though. For me, I … Continue reading

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The Flintstone House!

I wonder if the Guardian‘s ears were burning? In light of the recent new LEGO Ideas release of The Flintstone’s house with minifigs of Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty, here’s a story about a lady with a dwelling in the same … Continue reading

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DC meets Hanna-Barbera

We’re about a year in with the four Hanna-Barbera comics being published by DC and personally I think three of them will survive another year. Meanwhile, DC decided to take a chance on having the cartoons encounter characters from the … Continue reading

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DC’s Hanna-Barbera offerings redesigned

Suffice to say, not everything from DC is annoying reboot of their universe for the umpteenth time *cough! Rebirth**cough! Crisis something* No, someone from the executive caste in the Time Warner empire probably told the DC people to make viable … Continue reading

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