William Shatner


The man, the myth, the legend! Sure people ridicule him but he is laughing all the way to the bank and having the time of his life. I personally think Shatner enjoys the work, especially after he was typecast by Star Trek like all his co-stars and things were tough.

It was a thrill to finally see Shatner in person. I’ve been a fan of Star Trek ever since I was a kid in the late Seventies. I can thank Star Wars for fueling it because that hit movie fueled all the demand for more Sci-Fi/Space Opera and Shatner’s signature role was syndicated practically on every channel up through the late Eighties. As I’ve grown older, he has been a role model/reminder about not giving up, telling your critics to get lost, failure is better than being an armchair quarterback.

One of my most prized autographs!

One of my most prized autographs!

I had the great fortune of acquiring two special tickets which is why I received a second autograph/facetime opportunity (more on this later). Saturday was the bigger day see him anyway. During my brief window, I thanked Shatner for his small part in fighting American racism through this incident on Star Trek. I only hope I get to do the same opportunity to share my thanks with Nichelle Nichols, she endured more grief over it if you read the linked article.

Our tenth wedding anniversary gift! A picture with a shared Sci-Fi actor.

Our tenth wedding anniversary gift! A picture with a shared favorite!

Two captains down, three to go and I got to meet the actor who laid down the standard.

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