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Rest in Peace Cally

My good friend Jeremy’s cat passed away recently. Due to complications from renal failure and hyperthyroidism (something Miette suffers from now), Cally had to be euthanized. She did have a good run of 17 years (85 for a human) and … Continue reading

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Glad this week (the last full one of August 2014)…is over!

It wasn’t all that bad, just exhausting. Way back on the previous Friday I received the tap to cover for a team manager who was out ill. He had been really sick so there was a huge workload to catch up … Continue reading

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Pizza Hut Japan has cat-spokesmen

The land of cute has a much more interesting ad campaign for a rather overpriced brand. What little I know about Japanese pizza though, I’m confident even their Pizza Hut puts rather gross things on their pies: mayonnaise, crab legs … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Steve!

My friend and charter fan-club member celebrates today. Well, I celebrate in my own way. I’m confident Steve has his own plans with Chance (his son) and someone special (I rudely forget her name, d’oh!). We in Austin send him … Continue reading

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This pillow…

…puts new meaning into the expression, “shit the bed.”

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This is a thousand times better than Abrams’ dreck

The documentary format isn’t my first choice for telling the story about the Federation v. Klingon Empire war that took place about 20 years before the Sixties show began. What’s most impressive is the casting for the key players discussing … Continue reading

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Welcome Charlotte!

The new daughter of our friends John and Regina! It happened nine days earlier but everyone knows there’s recovery time plus the immediate family gets first dibs. The big sister Savannah will have her hands full teaching ‘lotte the ropes. … Continue reading

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Rodger Bumpass

The first big guest I wanted to meet at InvaderCon, the voice of Professor Membrane (aka Dib and Gaz’s remote, scientist father for those who’ve never seen the show) but you probably know him better as Squidward Tentacles…Rodger Bumpass! What … Continue reading

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Happy Caturday! August 23, 2014 edition

Sign this cat up for the Cat-Olympics! I wonder what’s in the mouse toy? Probably the strongest cat-nip on earth that would motivate even the most docile feline.

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Huh uh uh huh uh…nacho dogs rule

Haven’t seen the moronic duo in a long time. I guess their return on MTV hasn’t been very memorable but they do make a great mashup.

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Without my morning caffeine, I go Sagan through the day!

A truly fitting dedication to one the greatest spokespeople of Science and I’m glad Dr. deGrasse Tyson was able to carry on the baton alongside Bill Nye. Anyway, the reference is from the original Cosmos show in which Sagan explains how … Continue reading

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The title is self-explanatory

Legos are superior because there’s a tactile element to them and you have to use your brain. This “game” is mostly button mashing. Don’t take my word for it, check out this rather honest review.

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InvaderCon, the Final DOOM

For once, really diving deep into the regional paper paid off. The puff-piece-laden attempt at local news tends to be full of plugs on businesses opening/closing and gives Congressional schmucks Michael McCaul, John Carter and Bill Flores a soapbox. Buried … Continue reading

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Who do you love? Or else!

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Tina is sooooooo Metal

A must have I scored while shopping at Hot Topic for some friends’ daughters who love Frozen. You could say Tina is the anti-Elsa and anti-Anna.

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