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Splat Attack!

Initially, I would be wary of a game based solely upon licensed characters because most aren’t very good. Others are just another game with the IP glued on top (Clue, Monopoly, Risk). I do have to give credit to Love Letter … Continue reading

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RIP R. Lee Ermey

Sad to see the man who was the quintessential drill sergeant pass on. Ermey was able to turn his consultant position for Kubrick into a key role in Full Metal Jacket. Thankfully others used his roaring presence for funny stuff like … Continue reading

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Richard Horvitz

This Holiday Season I’m closing out all the Brushes with Greatness I procrastinated about and boy howdy there’s a slew, one that’s a couple years behind that I have no excuse to putting off. I will start with this gentleman because … Continue reading

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Rodger Bumpass

The first big guest I wanted to meet at InvaderCon, the voice of Professor Membrane (aka Dib and Gaz’s remote, scientist father for those who’ve never seen the show) but you probably know him better as Squidward Tentacles…Rodger Bumpass! What … Continue reading

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InvaderCon, the Final DOOM

For once, really diving deep into the regional paper paid off. The puff-piece-laden attempt at local news tends to be full of plugs on businesses opening/closing and gives Congressional schmucks Michael McCaul, John Carter and Bill Flores a soapbox. Buried … Continue reading

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