RIP R. Lee Ermey

Sad to see the man who was the quintessential drill sergeant pass on. Ermey was able to turn his consultant position for Kubrick into a key role in Full Metal Jacket. Thankfully others used his roaring presence for funny stuff like the leader of the Army Men in Toy Story, a drill instructor for the delusional Invader Zim and my personal favorite, Col. Leslie Haplap on The Simpsons, twice! I loved his first time as he yelled at his men’s failure to locate Sideshow Bob on his base.

“We’ve searched this airbase from top to bottom, and all we’ve found is porno, porno, porno!”

It’s funny because of the way he says it, not what he necessarily said.

In the real world, Somara and I would catch his show Mail Call on History. This program was more along the lines of Mythbusters for military questions.

Thanks for all the entertainment Mr. Ermey. Your infamous tirades at slackers will be missed enormously.

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