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A new junk food stop for the annual Vegas pilgrimage

Back in 2003, the must-eat junk food stop was Carl’s Jr/Hardees, now we have one in Cedar Park near the Stars’ arena. Next came Raising Cane’s down the street from our timeshare. Those have popped up all over Austin. Steak … Continue reading

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Lego Hipsters courtesy of Lego and The Guardian

Since Lego created these (more can be seen here), they have a Danish spin so that would explain why the little European nation’s Hipsters are more color coordinated.

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Michael Moorcock

Friday evening at Book People was an awesome evening meeting my favorite Fantasy-Multiverse author, 20-year resident of Texas…Michael Moorcock! Outside of fans (both Fantasy and Metal) and D&D players, he probably isn’t well known so the easiest answer I can give … Continue reading

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Cue up the harmonica solo!

Damn you Hot Wheels for finally making the impulse buy I was trying to avoid at HEB! Mattel finally made the TV/Movie replica I was willing to shell five bucks out to have, Jim Rockford’s Pontiac Firebird that he often … Continue reading

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Jack White

I got to attend the first of two sold-out shows to see Jack White, a guy who gives Dave Grohl a contest on how many side bands can they be in. At least, these two artists manage to bring their … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Melia!

Although Melia is about 1000 miles away, she is always present in many ways around Austin. For me, it’s bugging the kids to write me to back share their designs to help out with my nephews. The weather is pretty lousy in … Continue reading

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Somara’s flexing her master builder skills!

Somara developed this while sorting all the Legos we have around the house. I love it! The minifigure for my keys will be changed out with someone I want.

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Scooby Doo Lego!

I know at least several people who will be first in line for this. According to the various stories, the two sets will be arriving this Summer. Seems about right. The people I’ve met at the Lego Store say the … Continue reading

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A slight change on the site with Comments

My friend Jeremy was an enormous help with the migration but the cause of the past server’s issues were probably driven by spammers and how the site was organized. Thanks to his WP Fu, the posts were organized more logically … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Cindy

Last night I finished reading American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America by Colin Woodward and I’m proud to say Cindy is atypical of what the author claims are the standard attitudes of the region. … Continue reading

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Celebrating the move and return, the 500 comments contest

I don’t miss the spammers flooding my site with their worthless “comments” for Ugg boots, pyramid schemes and celebration gossip but I did miss the opportunity of  receiving a peep from a friend on a story. So to celebrate, I’m … Continue reading

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Why not Lego Zoidberg?

It’s fun what you can do with Adobe Photoshop!

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Cat Castle

What an awesome solution and a what dedication these homeowners have! I wish I had their means to keep the cat litter smell at bay.

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Notice anything? No? Good!

Maggi Picayune has moved! From the Mac Mini in my living room to a real hosting solution which should have a much, much, more reliable uptime level than what the Mini had been doing for the last couple years. I wish … Continue reading

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Midge Ure

After KUT/KUTX took over the Cactus Cafe, international touring acts disappeared from the line up for a while. Thankfully they wised up and brought them back with my second show in a year (the previous being Justin Currie). I didn’t … Continue reading

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