Wild turkey encounter

Last week I went to a place located adjacent to Zilker Park. For me this well-loved Austin location hosts ACL Fest and other outdoor things people around the world flock to. I never gave it much thought about what lived there in terms of animals.

I found out. Turkeys. I wish I had a photo yet it became camera shy at the right moment.

These weird, dumb birds manage to wander beyond the park and explore the neighboring businesses or whatever. I was trying to leave a parking garage but the stupid creature got in front of my car. I think it tried to peck at my tires like dogs try to bite them. I held up the traffic out of fear. If I injured or killed the turkey I figured Austin would fine me and I didn’t want harm it anyway. These turkeys weren’t keen on people getting too close so I was able to shoo it further off into the bushes.

Afterwards, the guy behind me asked if it was my bird.

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