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Janet Varney

The main reason why I attended HavenCon which in my opinion was a letdown, it was more of a costume convention than gaming. Regardless, meeting Janet made the whole process worth it. You many know her from You’re the Worst, the … Continue reading

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Moontower Fest 2016

It was another collection of great shows. I’m glad I went despite being a rather meh mood these days, but I have a note to remind me to get out there, don’t stay cooped up. I only did a couple nights. … Continue reading

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RIP Prince

Totally sucks that he passed away at only 57, the guy remained prolific to the end and somehow I doubt this is another publicity stunt like when he legally changed his name to break a record contract. Although Bill Maher … Continue reading

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The new NBA jerseys for next season!

Somehow there’s never a point of “enough” when it comes to advertising, greed and sight pollution in America, the NBA will be experimenting (translation: instituting) with sponsorships on the team jerseys. The more factual story is here. The artwork above is … Continue reading

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Output has been low this year

For my faithful readers, thanks for sticking with me over these years and no, I’m not throwing in the towel. Picayune is just undergoing a lull. It hasn’t been for a lack of material. I mastered the art of finding something … Continue reading

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Emo Phillips

Last night I was re-united with the stand-up comedian who really started my brief radio career in promotions and collecting autographs…the absurd, acquired taste, a proud product of the Chicago suburbs…Emo Phillips! He actually remembered performing at Marquette! I told … Continue reading

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Batman v. Superman: Waste of time

But Steve, why did you go? Well, I still like Batman and I wanted to see if Ben Affleck would do alright. For me, it’s about time we got an American actor over an ill-tempered Brit to play my favorite … Continue reading

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One year in and Marvel is doing great with Star Wars

Third time must be the charm for the Star Wars line of comics. Dark Horse’s 20-plus years were fantastic but they were hobbled by a couple things. Most of what they did wasn’t Canon before it was relabeled “Legends.” They didn’t … Continue reading

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We joined the 21st Century…

I think we were already there, we just finally caught up on the TV front thanks to the original TV we had dying at a bad time; Daredevil season two was posted by Netflix! We had to dip into our vacation fun … Continue reading

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Happy April!

I decided to let April Fool’s Day go. Miette may be 17 but she’s hanging in there with her thyroid issue and Apple turning 40 didn’t really inspire much. Couldn’t think of a good prank neither. The header above is … Continue reading

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