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Matthew Sweet

A huge favorite of mine from 1992 on came to Austin around Mid July to play two shows at the relatively new ACL3Ten venue. I went to both shows but I also made sure got to the in-store performance/autographing at … Continue reading

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The Big Sick: Must See

Loosely based upon Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon’s relationship, Sick covers the chronological events leading up to them getting married with Emily’s coma being the middle act holding the story together. In Kumail’s case, it’s also a story about breaking free … Continue reading

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Version 8.0 starts today

Based upon the supposition we change out all of our cells every seven years, today I should be on my eighth round. We took it pretty easy by accident, I overslept. Then we took in the BrickFest (Lego convention) downtown. … Continue reading

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Hilarious “thank you” movie

I scored these two funny ladies Star Wars action figures and so they decided to make a movie imitating Sussie from The Amazing World of Gumball to express their appreciation.

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Fourteen years of marriage

To celebrate this year, we’re keeping it low key due to it being a “school day/night.” We both have to go to work and then we’ll be heading downtown to attend the Labyrinth Quote-Along at Alamo Ritz. Somara is a huge … Continue reading

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Nova Scotia achieved!

Adding this to my Running Badges’ page, you can see the link above along with all the other achievements. Next destination, Toad River which is in British Columbia.

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Liberty Lunch may “return”

One of my favorite live-music venues must change its name because a greedy food company thinks people are confused between a sauce and a restaurant. So Stubb’s BBQ is thinking about taking/recycling Liberty Lunch. The original closed in 1999 for … Continue reading

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War For The Planet Of The Apes: Worth Seeing

Thus concludes the new take on how The Planet of the Apes came to be since the current team wraps it up with War. As charming as Escape, Conquest and Battle were, Rise, Dawn and War have been more satisfying along with being more likely explanations for the world turned … Continue reading

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Meet Colby, my Muppet hipster

I’m getting ready to attend a Fragile Rock show next month and since I got confirmation that puppets are welcome, I modified my old Whatnot into someone I think would attend…if he were a puppet. Special thanks to my friend … Continue reading

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Tears For Fears

Last week I finally saw the band behind my favorite records of 1985 and 1993. Currently they’re touring with Hall & Oates but as Roland said, every now and then, they get let out to play a headlining show in … Continue reading

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A heart-warming fact from my local Petsmart

Had to go by yesterday to buy some cat litter, noticed there were no cats in the adoption center too. The checkout lady said they’re often gone in a week. It’s nice to know given poor Miguel’s situation along with … Continue reading

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PhotoLab is my new toy on my new iPad

The initial app is free on iOS but I spent the five bucks to ditch the ads. It’s pretty similar to the Photofunia site. I finally found a combination that didn’t “wash out” the main subject of the picture. This … Continue reading

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The Simpsons are returning to DVD!

Fox finally did a 180 and gave into us completists! Plus I’m not getting cable just for FX/FXX or their inevitable all Simpsons channel they’re planning (there’s over 600 episodes). Now if I could only get our PS3/PS4 to show … Continue reading

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Nerd Poker returns!

It’s actually been back since the end of April but I have gotten through the first dozen episodes and it’s like they never left. Dan Telfer is the DM now with Ken Daly, Blaine Capatch and Brian as the players. … Continue reading

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Baby Driver: Must See

Edgar Wright churns out a masterpiece in the Car Heist subgenre of car-chase movies. Baby is more than just a technical marvel, which Wright excels at, he did a better job on making likable characters and plot (I just don’t like Scott Pilgrim). … Continue reading

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