Rest in peace Fuff

My first meeting with Fuff.

Sometime this Fall, a sick asshole poisoned my in-laws’ cat which in this era of Uppity Deplorables doesn’t complete surprise me. It’s a huge reason why my cats live indoors and I do whatever I can to rescue the strays I find around my neighborhood.

Fuff was a gorgeous kitty. Being part Siamese (or Burmese), he was a conversationalist, maintained his blue eyes and had their usual crossed-eye appearance. He was very friendly which is probably what contributed to his demise.

If I ever find the bastard(s) who did this, I will report them to the cops since murdering animals is a crime, even in North Reaganstan; what I call the communities north of Austin because they keep electing Republican dickholes who want to rename everything after the Great Bullshitter.

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